How do I order from you?

You can always order online directly if you know what you are looking for; otherwise, you are welcome to send us an email in relation to the product you are looking for.

How do I select the different form of herbal medicine?

It all depends how you want to take for your herbal medicine, some people prioritize convenience due to lifestyle; some might emphasis on the efficacy and that is why they come to Chinese Medicine. However, it also depends on the urgency of treatment. Raw Herbs & Raw Herbs Powder work the best as it has been proven over a thousand of years; a better and quick result can achieve. Granule and patent pills had been used for last 60 years, they had been processed and adding starch and other filler agents, the efficacy reduces over time and potency lost during the process. Please check the blog for detail analysis, but it does provide general guidance only, you should consult your local practitioner for your circumstance.

Why should I use certified herbs?

When many claimed to be pesticide tested, but you should always ask if it is independently tested according to Euro standard, or Australia Standard rather manufacturer's own standard.

At Chinese Herbs Online, we are sourcing more of our herbs that are compliance-tested both in house according to Chinese Pharmacopoeia, and, tested by leading independent laboratory Eurofins Germany, with its worldwide leading analytical and testing laboratory services. This way we can assure our practitioners and the public that our herbs are safe from pesticides and heavy metals, and within the most stringent existing standards for herb importation into Europe. European standards are higher than current Australian standards.

Can a practitioner or business register and purchase online?

Yes, please indicate your full business details, including your contact details; if you are a Chinese Medicine Practitioner please provide your national registration number.

It is compulsory to quote your AHPRA Registration Number.

What is the ordering procedure?

I. Register online first or login to your account if you already have a registered account .
II. You can browse and select your merchandise using our online catalog.
III. Once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail attaching an order list detailing the availability of your merchandise.
IV. After payment has been arranged, the order should be dispatched same day if it is received before 12 pm.
V. Do remember to clarify any inquiries prior submitting your order as customers are liable for their orders once they are delivered. Under some circumstances, we will allow changes for merchandise of equal value or less, subject to availability.

What is the cost of delivery?

I. Delivery charge is base on the size and quantity ordered, we do have the discretion to use different courier services other than Australia Post depending on your location.

II. Customers are subjected to costs incurred for merchandise delivered via courier services. Actual fees depend on the charge rate of the courier company used to deliver your merchandise

Which courier service using for our parcel delivery?

We select the courier service depending on your area and size of your parcel. In general, independent courier services such as Fastway, Courier Please and TNT are great for the delivery in the capital cities and regional centers; but Auspost is mainly used for country area, PO Box and the apartment or unit where the authority to leave is not possible. However, we use Auspost for postage and handling cost estimate purpose. We would have the discretion to use the appropriate courier service unless you specified on your order comments.


How to view the website in Chinese and why the character display in a corrupted form

I. You would have to install Simplified Chinese GB to view the website in Chinese.

II. Go to Control Panel-Regional/Language-Language-Select install East Asian Language.

III. From Internet Explorer, select view--Coding-GB 2312.

What is the payment method?

We accept payment via:

Credit Card: VISA and MASTERCARD through PayPal or Stripe ( also a leading online Payment gateway).

Otherwise, pay by PayPal is also acceptable.

* Please arrange for payment prior submitting your order to ensure the timely delivery of your merchandise.

Member Redemption Rewards procedure

I. You can browse and select your merchandise under our online Member Redeem Rewards catalog.
II.  Redemption Point will be indicated for each item under this category. i.e. you will need 400 points to redeem a bottle of He Huan Hua (Part no:438.1) 
III. Click on the icon (Redeem this item for 400 points) and the item will be added to your shopping cart.
IV. You will need to have sufficient Point in order to redeem the items.
V.  Redemption will be entitled for subsequent order. 
VI. The redemption needs to be for a minimum value of 250 points.
VII. You are required to pay for the postage & handling charges upon check-out if you opt to redeem your points without making any purchase.Subject to availability


So often, we make mistakes when deciding what to purchase; Don't worry, we allow you

to return products within 7 days after receiving the good. However, you will need to cover

the cost of return. There is $15 restocking fee to cover the cost of handling, but we will send you

a gift voucher of $15 for next purchase. Therefore, you are not worse off even you

change your mind after purchase. However, we will refund you the postage if it is a product

faulty, but we are not responsible for stock loss or damage during the transit. You are recommended to purchase package insurance if you have the concern.

We look forward to establishing a business relationship with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry.

Your feedback is important to us and we are constantly seeking ways to provide better

services for our valued customers.